Our date syrup, also known as date honey, is made from just one perfect ingredient - organic Algerian Deglet Noor dates. We've gently extracted their natural sugar and vital nutrients to bring you a rich, delicious, and healthier sweet.

Due to the advanced processing method, our date honey preserves the pleasantly caramel-sweet taste, golden-clear colour while keeping all minerals and vitamins of the dates.

It is a major ingredient for the food and beverage industries and a healthy alternative to refined sugar and syrups.

HDPE drum with sealed cup


25 kg
400 g
250 g
100 g
Food grade plastic bucket
Glass jar with a twist-off cap
Glass jar with a twist-off cap
Glass jar with a twist-off cap
PET squeeze bottle
250 kg
250 g


Natural sweetener for energy bars, beverages, baked goods and baby food.
Drizzle over pancakes, waffles, porridge, cereal and salads.
Sweeten your tea, coffee, milk and smoothies.
A healthy alternative to commercial honey and refined syrup.
Health-related consumption, i.e. pregnancy, iron deficiency, energy boost.
Cosmetic use in the form of face masks and hair masks.
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